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Newstar Mosaic Products

Newstar mosaic has been expanding its range of quality exported products, includes granite mosaic tile, marble mosaic tiles, slate mosaic wall, pebble tile mosaic, marble glass pattern, travertine mosaic wall tile, limestone mosaic, slate mats and pattern, marble pattern medallion, waterjet medallion, hand-made medallion, border lines, mosaic furniture products, granite meshed cobble, also including other kinds of mosaic such as wood mosaic, shell mosaic tile, palm mosaic wall and metal mosaic with various size and colors. Top quality and professional service in Newstar Mosaic! The lowest price!

Newstar Mosaic is one of leading Branch of Newstar Stone, Newstar Mosaic has consistently produced top grade mosaic for all kinds of decoration and buildings. With the professional technology in stone material and processing, we rapidly take great share in mosaic business around world. Devoted in new products development, our products include various stone mosaic tiles which are marble mosaics, granite mosaic, slate mosaic, meshed slate, travertine mosaic, limestone mosaic, border & lines, mosaic furniture, meshed granite, stone medallion and other popular decorative mosaic tiles.

Stone Mosaic

Newstar Stone Mosaic

Newstar Mosaic is direct manufacture, leading stone mosaic factory and professional exporter of mosaic products which including Chinese marble mosaic tile, imported marble mosaic tile, Chinese Granite mosaic tile, imported granite mosaic tiles,Original slate mosaic products, river stone mosaic, pebble tiles, beige travertine mosaic, white travertine mosaic tiles, limestone mosaic, onyx mosaic etc. any natural stone mosaic and pattern products by hand working with 100% natural stone material and high quality. Colors are white, black, red, pink, green, beige, multi colors. Surface to be polished or honed or tumbled. Mosaic sheet Sizes are 300x300mm, 500x500mm, 500x300mm etc. Mosaic Block Sizes are 15 x 15mm, 10 x 10mm, 25X25mm etc.

Our mosaic products are all in elaborate hand craft with attractive colors, it has fashionable type, classical type and exotic style to meet the different requirement on wall decoration.
Newstar Mosaic will bring you new feelings, shining element for your hotels, houses!

Medallion and Pattern

Medallion and Pattern

Newstar produce various marble medallions, marble borders lines, stone pattern, mosaic border, mosaic pattern, marble water jet, waterjet medallion, slate meshed paving stone, slate pattern, mosaic medallion, mosaic furniture and meshed granite for villas, wholesalers, hotels, home and any buildings. We design and manufacture beautiful big waterjet cut medallions, tile borders, marble pattern, slate patterns for residential and commercial flooring projects.

Newstar offer affordably priced standard medallion designs in 3/4" thickness, with material of natural stone, marble, granite, travertine, onyx. Standard medallions are available in 24", 36", 48", 60", 72", 84" and 96" sizes in square, oval and round. Also medallion, patterns, and borders in rectangle shape. Any custom design and sizes, please contact us for quotation!

Other Mosaic

Newstar Shell mosaic

Newstar mosaic offer more types of mosaic products to meet the majority of the guests on the species diversity of demand. We expanded the business of wooden mosaic, shell mosaic, palm mosaic, metal mosaic. We offer a huge selection of high quality products. Raw materials from natural wood, shell, coconut and metals, is extremely unique wall decoration, environmental protection, pollution-free.

The mosaic of its new product category to bring you the enjoyment of nature, especially the products of wooden mosaic tile, shell mosaic tile and palm mosaic tiles. The metal mosaic tiles are a great way to add shine and texture to your space. All of these products are greatly improved the quality of life, they are suitable for bathroom wall, lobby wall, kitchen wall tiles for homes, hotels etc, if you wholesale these products also will take a lot of business opportunities and profit margins for you, we will offer the high quality products with the best price for you!