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Steps to Build the Rock Garden Wall

From: Date: 3/14/2013

A great garden can really improve the feel of your whole home - this is especially true if you live in a warmer climate; there's sometimes nothing better than having your friends over in the summer to sit outside. While a rock garden wall would play a great role, well, if you also want to own such a garden at your yard, you may take the following steps into account:

1.    Before you start you should inspect your pile of rocks, and pick out any that are curved or have a right angle to them, because these can later be used as the edges of the wall.

2.    Next you should use markers and string to mark out where the edges of the wall will lie. Dig down inside the markers (about 6 to 12 inches should suffice) to make a sort of foundation. Begin laying the firsts of the wall into this foundation ĘC the first set of rocks you use should be the biggest, heaviest and flattest from those available. When you reach the edge of the wall, or it needs to curve around a corner, use the curved (or right-angled)s you picked out and put to one side earlier.

3.    Continue to build layer after layer, always putting one stone onto the crack between the two below it. As you started with the biggest, thickest and heaviest stones, you should use increasingly small stones for each layer, with the very smallest ones available right at the top. Due to this, the wall should have a natural slope, and it's best to make the slope go inward.

4.    When the stone wall is finished, it's very important to check that it's stable and can't be moved by the wind etc. Where there is space showing in the trench / foundation you dug earlier, fill this with soil and, if you'd like, plant grass or other plants around it.

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