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The Most Easy Maintenance of Granite Stone Carved

From: Date: 3/1/2013

Sculpture is a kind of plastic arts, also known as sculpture, are carved, engraved, plastic three kinds of methods created general, refers to a variety of plastic materials (such as plaster, resin, clay, etc.) or can be carved, Keke rigid materials (such as wood, stone , metal, jade pieces, agate, aluminum, glass, steel, sandstone, copper, etc.) to create a certain space, visual, tactile art image, to reflect the social life, expressing the artist's aesthetic experience, aesthetic emotional, aesthetic ideals of art. Full relief, relief, and openwork (hollow sculpture) is the basic form.

Their use of materials can be divided into sculpture wood carving, carving, ivory carving, bone carving, lacquer carving, shell carving, root carving, ice sculpture, clay sculpture, figurines, ceramic sculpture, plaster and so on.

In modern and contemporary sculpture to stone, copper plastic wood as much. Granite stone carved in the easiest maintenance, marble is not the same, because there is no hard granite , so fragile, is not suitable for outdoor exhibition place. Sandstone sculpture class saves to guard against wind and humidity on its impact, in addition, must put an end to smear when using chemical reagents. Bronze is not the shape of the "extension" of, can be durable maintained, but not use detergent and washing, caní»t be too rough to wipe or brush strokes, usually rub it with a soft cloth can be maintained. Wood materials are special, we must avoid humid environment, due to material relations. Thus, take care to avoid force or fall from height.